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Are you adding weight loss and improved health to your goals for 2021? If so, you are in good company. These goals remain at the top of the most popular resolutions made at the start of a new year.  Shedding holiday pounds and improving appearance are common reasons for weight-loss resolutions. However, losing weight is only a component of other health goals that prioritize feeling better more than looking better.

The Bigger Benefits of Weight Loss

As awareness grows about obesity and related health risks, many people are stepping in to equip and empower others towards better health. The benefits of healthy weight loss contribute to much more than improved appearance. They lead to a better quality of life. 

Reducing chronic pain through weight loss is an enormous step towards a better quality of life. Compared to those with an average healthy weight, overweight or obese adults are at a much higher risk for serious disease and health complications. Obesity and a higher BMI index are also more commonly associated with chronic pain. 

As you consider how to best treat your chronic pain, consider how weight loss can help in the following ways: 

Improve the Body’s Ability to Move 

Additional weight is a strain on the body. There is more wear and tear on the bones, muscles, and ligaments, contributing to overall pain and discomfort.  Consistent pressure can lead to more serious injuries such as spinal disease, back pain, torn ligaments, and bone fractures. 

Managing bodyweight serves to both reduce pain and prevent further disease and injury. 

Improve the Body’s Ability to Heal 

It is commonly known that obesity can lead to high-risk health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.  However, long-term inflammation from chronic pain can also weaken the body’s ability to repair and heal soft tissues. There are various health complications associated with chronic inflammation, including autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases and a higher risk of cancer.

Weight loss can reduce both the physical demands and the inflammatory load on the whole body, helping reduce physical pain as well as long-term health risks. 

Tips for Weight Loss

  • Find Partners in Health: Doctors and health professionals will investigate unique needs and lend personalized support to help you reach your goals. 
  • Set Realistic Goals: Small goals gain momentum. Unrealistic goals will fizzle. Focus on building healthy habits one at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed and realizing long-term success.
  • Put Health First: Avoid extreme diet and exercise to lose weight quickly, as results can be unhealthy and unsustainable. Life-long changes are needed to improve health and reduce chronic pain.
  • Track Progress: Celebrate when you meet your goals. Don’t limit yourself to watching the scale, and document changes in quality of life. 

Help for Your Chronic Pain

If you are ready to partner with others to meet weight loss goals and reduce pain, contact Midland Spine Institute. Our team of pain management experts is equipped to help you on your holistic journey towards better health.