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About the Machine

Certified G.E. Signa MRI

High Field (1.5 Tesla)
Smart Speed
Short Bore
Registered MRI Technologist

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of imaging are available?

  • Head without contrasting / Head with and without contrasting
  • Cervical Spine without contrast / Cervical Spine with and without contrast
  • Thoracic Spine without contrast / Thoracic Spine with and without contrast
  • Lumbar Spine without contrast / Lumbar Spine with and without contrast
  • Bilateral Hips without contrast / Bilateral Hips with and without contrast
  • MRA: Magnetic Resonance Angiography head and neck.
  • MRV: Magnetic Resonance Venography of head.

Why have an MRI of your head?

  • To look for the causes of headaches
  • To help diagnose a stroke
  • Check blood flow to the brain
  • To read symptoms such as a change in consciousness, confusion, or abnormal movements
  • To look for tumors and abscesses
  • To find conditions of the brain or brain stem such as encephalitis and meningitis

Why have an MRI of your back?

  • Check your spinal alignment, disc height and hydration, and vertebral body configuration
  • MRI can find areas of the spine where the canal is abnormally narrowed (Spinal Stenosis)
  • Diagnose brachial and lumbar plexus injuries
  • Check for pelvis injuries
  • Search for Arthritis, infection, and degeneration
  • MRI can detect nerve damage from injury or disease (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Find problems of the spinal disc, such as ruptured, or herniated disc, this can cause pressure on the nerve creating sciatica